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    Forget the fancy contract additions, Forget the whole Parasite,scum,slime talk.

    Here are the four questions that every merchant needs to make a decision about.

    [ yes/no ] This Merchant allows incentive marketing
    [ yes/no ] This Merchant allows client side applications
    [ yes/no ] This Merchant allows client side notification
    [ yes/no ] This Merchant allows client side redirection

    It really is that simple. We don't need an extra agreement that is so vague that it isn't anywhere near clear enough to be enforceable.

    Why should the networks be deciding what is and what is not acceptable behavior? Each merchant should be able to answer these questions, and these answers should be clearly disclosed.

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    Yes, it SHOULD be plain and simple. Just set the standards and make everyone follow the standards.
    Heck, it would be a big step if merchants and providers would just enforce their terms of service!

    Connie Berg

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