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    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of publishers that use software to overwrite tracking URLs?

    The list on is of those companies that supply technology to overwrite tracking URLs. The list helps to some extent but it does not cover all publishers that are generating stolen commissions. One way to determine who is generating stolen commissions is to find the URLs for all those publishers that use software such as TopMoxie. I have found some supporters of TopMoxie and here is a sample of those publishers. There are many other publishers and companies that use stealware software. Can anyone help complete this list?

    URL, Software, TopMoxie, LimeWire, LimeWire, TopMoxie, EBates, MyPoints, TopMoxie

    Updated, rev 1
    I fixed the ebates URL. In the Software column I am looking for the software being used. Companies like schoolcash will bundle TopMoxie software in their website, same with upromise and technology4kids. Ebates and mypoitns have their own in house software.


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    I updated the whole list to put it all together.
    You spelled ebates wrong in your url by the way, you forgot the "s" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] Ebates MyPoints SchoolCash UPromise LimeWire LimeWire

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    mac, just a little nit, but when you put a , immediately following the URL, then the URL will not work. Click on one of your links so you'll see.

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