I will be releasing a formal document to the appropriate delegates shortly. Until they are chosen I wanted to present the guidelines for the opinion papers that will be carried and summarized at the meeting in New York. Time is short so participants should begin their drafts ASAP.

Given the practical limitations of this meeting the general affiliate and merchant population are being asked to present brief opinion papers regarding the use of software applications within performance marketing.

The themes in these papers will be verbally summarized by the affiliate delegates during the meeting on the date outlined below. In addition to this summary the delegates will provide the submitted opinion papers in one comprehensive format for the use of meeting participants.

Opinion Papers must include:

Author: First and Last name in the upper left-hand margin.

Business Title: Below the name in the upper left-hand margin.

Company Name: Name of the company or web property represented by the author.

Summary: Brief summary not to exceed 500 words outlining the author’s views on the impact of software applications as they apply to online performance marketing.

Software applications might include: shopping “toolbars” installed over the browser, the use of reminder applications in the form of pop-ups or docked inside the browser, the ability for applications to over-write or append data unto encoded tracking links and for any future technology not yet created or currently in development.

Meeting will take place"

Date: November 7, 2002.
Start Time: 9 am Eastern Standard Time

The Yale Club
The Council Room, 18th Floor
50 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212- 716-2100

Papers should be delivered in text format to:

Delegates Names to be announced.


Wayne Porter
V.P. Product Development
AffTrack LLC.
Advanced & Automated Data Analysis for Performance Marketers.