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    January 17th, 2005
    Below is the text I recievd in a pop-up. I can't believe how brazen these pop-up companies can be. He activley markets it as spamming technology. What can we do to stop companies like this and Bargain Buddy?

    Do you want to get your advertisement in front of millions of people. Then
    buy Direct Advertiser (the program I am messaging you with now). By tapping
    into Messenger, a Windows service originally designed to enable system
    administrators to send messages to users on a network, Direct Advertiser can
    deliver "completely anonymous and virtually untraceable" ads "straight to the
    screen of your client," It sends out over 70,000 messages an hour. You will
    be happy with the results. on sale for $399. I also have Send-Safe for sale,
    $999, Platinum Launcher, $499, and other spamming software. If you are
    interested, email me at and leave a phone number so I
    can reach you.

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    There was a post of a news service article about these guys recently. That popup is actually generating from an email. Popups generated by spam. Not parasitic, just annoying as all get out.

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    Take this wanks e-mail address and post it in multiple porn, Opt-out e-mail marketing sites and those spammtabulous freebee/lotto/surf to earn/casino e-mail offerings. That way he gets to see his spamm programs in action.

    WebMaster Mike

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