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    I'm currently trying to set up ad tracking for my website, so that I know which forms of advertising are paying off. I have purchased a good script to keep track of sales on my websites, but I'm having trouble tracking links to affiliate products that I promote.

    The only service/product I could find that would track affiliate advertising, and tell me which page views were converted into sales, was Clickalyzer. I joined this service, but it seems more complicated than I first thought. To track affiliate ads, you seem to need to enter the thank you page of the product. The only way to find this out is to set the service up to track where people go once they get there and decide which page is the thank you page.

    This doesn't seem very practical as it would be time consuming with many affiliate programs and website owners often change their thank you page URLs for security reasons. Personally I use a script that generates a different URL every time someone views my 'thank you' page for even tighter security.

    The performance of my affiliate links is important for promotions e.g. if I was asking an ezine owner to promote my mini course in their ezine in exchange for changing all the affiliate links to their ID, it would be very helpful to know the conversion rate of each link.

    Please could someone suggest the best way to keep track of affiliate sales?

    Thank you.

    Joe Beaven

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    Sounds like is is just setup to track successes from your own shopping cart program. Requires a reporting tag in the order confirmation page and you have no access to place it there.

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