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    Sends e-cards, but read the first line of the user agreement. I wonder what else they do.


    1. Consent to E-Mail Your Contacts. As part of the installation process, Permissioned Media will access your Microsoft Outlook(r) Contacts list and send an e-mail to persons on your Contacts list inviting them to download FriendGreetings or related products. By downloading, installing, accessing or using the FriendGreetings, you authorize Permissioned Media to access your Microsoft(r) Outlook(r) Contacts list and to send a personalized e-mail message to persons on your Contact list. IF YOU DO NOT WANT US TO ACCESS YOUR CONTACT LIST AND SEND AN E-MAIL MESSAGE TO PERSONS ON THAT LIST, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, ACCESS OR USE FRIENDGREETINGS.

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    More information:

    Please be aware that there is a mass-mailing Greeting Card e-mail scam currently active on the Internet.

    It is being operated by a company called Permissioned Media Inc., based in Panama.
    The e-mail will appear in your inbox and will ask you to click upon a link to view the greeting card you have been sent. The link is not necessarily related to a greeting card site, and after clicking on it, will state that software needs to be installed on your machine for you to view the greeting card. Within the terms and conditions of the license it states that by agreeing to the installation of the software, you are also agreeing that a copy of the greeting card e-mail can be sent to everyone in your address book. If you accept the terms of the lience agreement, it will send a copy of the e-mail to the contacts in your address book.

    Examples of domains that we have seen operating this scam are as follows: or .net, or .net, or .net, or .net, or .net

    All of which are registered to Permissioned Media inc.

    The greeting card e-mail scam is not technically a virus or a worm, and many anti-virus vendors are stating that they have no plans to detect and prevent the program. Please be vigilant when reading licence agreements and installing software of this nature, especially from organisations such as Permissioned Media Inc. who are distributing the FriendsGreeting program.

    If you have any questions, please contact the MessageLabs Help Desk, or your Customer Services Executive.

    Further information may be found here.



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    Oh, yes, it's more than just 'suspect'!

    Viral EULA or no, the initial seed mails are being sent out by junk e-mail, and the program installs separate adware on all machines it runs on.

    If you were unfortunate enough to run it, see here for removal instructions:

    Andrew Clover

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