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    I find this very suspicious!

    On a side note: section 3.2 of the linkshare agreement states basically that"

    The last link to the Merchant's site in a session gets the commission but........................

    A "Session" starts with the initial contact with a Merchant's site and terminates when the Customer.

    A) returns to the Merchant's site via a link
    from another site
    B) the Engagement expires or is terminated.

    In the case of MMM,

    The customer never RETURED to the site after the initial session was established and the initial contact was never terminated.

    It seems to me (although I'm no attorney) that linkshare is likely breaking their agreement by giving credit to parasites and profiting themselves by doing so in the process.

    The customer did not create a new session or terminate the "intial contact" at the point where a parasite overwrites a cookie and attempts to qualify for commision via the last link rule. In my opinion, this invalidates a parasite qualifying for a commission and I view "every payment" to such parasite as funds that may be recoverable.

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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    Would be nice if the networks followed their own TOS regarding what qualifies as a commissionable action. The fact that very few impressions and clicks originate from any BHO parasite's own web site should trigger a non-eligable payment ruling. Any affiliate, like me, who didn't showed a trackable click resulting in a sale would get booted out on my ear with no ill gotten commissions.

    Any parasitic "incent" Dupers posing as a merchant should be required special permission from other legit merchants with full disclosure they do not originate the majority of their traffic from network furnished coded links. The merchants here claim it is a nightmare to try and weed out theftwarez affiliates as they cover their tracks with multiple ficticious signup accounts. The networks turn a blind eye to this fact til after they rack in their Christmas skim off the theftware hijackers who monitize the merchants free URL links.

    I hope I see a pile of these "Rob Peter to pay Paul" schemers at F** to join the CyberRebates and Freebee .coms.

    WebMaster Mike

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    The fact that eBates and MMM are blatantly doing this after the meeting as we all wait to hear the networks' decision speaks loudly about where this is going.

    Whatever kind of toothless 'code of conduct' that comes out in a few weeks, eBates is not worried.

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