I am sorry iof these have been discussed, but I am new to the board, and cannot find these answers anywhere.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Ian Miller and I am an affilaite manager for several small and meduium sized self run affiliate programs

We are very concerned about 2 issues which I have not been able to get answers for...

1) We want to desperately remove anyone who uses parasitewear from our program. How can we go about finding our which , if any, of our affiliates are using this to redirect commissions to them? Are there a list of known companies that use this ... not the brokers like CJ & linkmerchants, but the affiliates that sign up in there, and have the links changed to their accounts. I have seen a list of companies, but I assume that they are not foolish enough to sign up for the afiliate programs under these names.

2) I have noticed a growing trend of cloned or copy cat sites out there. Recently 2 companies that we represent had their sites copied word for word...with product. The question that I have ... Is it possible for this software, to not only change the affiliate code, but actually redirect the link to a cloned site, making the purchaser
believe they are buying from that company, thus not only screwing the affiliate out of his commission, but also ripping off the consumer, as they rarely get any product from these sites, and hurting the company who is losing the traffic.?

Thanks. I would aprreciate any help on this matter

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