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    What if I put a javascript to my website where my cookie is sent with a certain delay? Will parasites overwrite it anyhow?


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    That is very interesting? what do others think?

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    According to HTTP standards, Cookies are set in the page header.

    I'm not sure how JavaScript sets cookies, but I assume since it uses the onLoad tag, it sends the information before the actual page.

    A delay presents two potential problems:

    1. If the JS has a delay in it, and it sets the cookie in the header, then the page will not be displayed until the cookie is set. BHO parasites are activated AFTER a page load, so it'll have no effect.

    2. If the page displays and there's still a delay, when a BHO redirects, your javascript is removed anyway since it's basically canceled and replaced with the new one that has the parasite tag on it.

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