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    January 17th, 2005

    Anyone have experience with spybot? Looks like an alternative/in addition to Adaware, etc.

    I searched and saw some mention of it on the forum, but not much.

    Just want to make sure its safe and curious for any experiences with it.

    The Newer Nicer Joseph

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    Yeah, Spybot is a good bit of kit. Pat Kolla has done a great job keeping it up-to-date.

    It has a few false positives and a range of targets wide enough to cover a few things that aren't really harmful... but that's the case with all anti-parasite software really.


    Andrew Clover

    Andrew Clover

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    It found 6 more BHO's, a porn dialer and some spyware on my system missed by Ad-Aware. Seems the folks at Lavasoft haven't updates their profile in a long time and are missiing the boat.

    I do recommend you read their help and setup options file as the defaults block cookies from Linkshare -CJ and BeFree.

    Webmaster Mike

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    Yes I recommend it if you know what you are doing. Found some Morpheus stuff which Ad-aware missed and several Cydoor alerts

    Andy Williams

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