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    Just got this in an email. I have NO INTENTION of giving out any of this info! What are they thinking??!!

    "I work at a family investment firm called Ziff Brothers Investments. We hold stock investments in many large companies, including many of the retailers to which your site links as well as the products that people buy from these sites. We would be very interested in getting a hold of FlamingoWorld's earnings logs for many of the retailers to which you link (Amazon, Dell, Gateway, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc) to help us get a better idea of what people are actually buying at these stores and how much they are paying. We would be willing to pay FlamingoWorld for access to these logs on a weekly or monthly basis.

    If you are at all interested, please get back to me with any questions or issues you might have. Also, if you could just give me a general idea of the level of volume of sales FlamingoWorld does at the stores mentioned above, that would be great. Also, how detailed are the affiliate reports from these sites? I've seen Amazon's reports, and I know they are very detailed (in terms of being broken out by product and price paid for that product). Do you get similar reports from the other retailers?

    I hope we can work together. This seems like a good opportunity for both of us."

    Connie Berg

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    Ziff Brothers Investments

    Run by three of the youngest billionaires in the U.S. The brothers Ziff inherited their fortunes from their father, William B. Ziff Jr. The elder Ziff was best known and made his fortune from the families Ziff-Davis publishing empire, which he took over at the age of 23 when his father died. Ziff-Davis published such magazines as PC Magazine, PC Computing, PC Week, MacUser, MacWEEK, Computer Shopper and Computer Gaming World/Kids and Computers.

    Dirk Ziff, the co-chair of Ziff Brothers Investments, showed no interest in maintaining the family's Ziff-Davis publishing empire and sold it in 1994. Today Ziff Brothers invests in public and private securities in a broad range of areas, including real estate, energy, emerging markets and high-technology. Ziff Brothers technology venture investments focus on communications, software and digital content and services.

    Charlie ...

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    I don't know.

    If you agree,send them first a NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) to sign.

    Make also sure, that they are, who they claim to be. Phone Call. Email. Domain Checks etc.

    Carsten Partner
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    It may also be against the Ts and Cs of your merchants to disclose that information, assumably since it can be used to discern their relative performances (in fact Ziff SAYS they want to use it for this reason). It would be the equivalent of when a merchant puts out earnings figures for their aff. program and associates those figures with which affiliate did what. IE, BAD!

    I think your first response--"I think not!"--is the right one.

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