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    While reading another message, something occurred to me. As we all know, no one likes popups, and us affiliates see them as stealing our sales, by rewriting cookies. We also know there is software out there that removes popups, i think MSN network has a popup blocker.

    The question is, do these popup/popunder blockers do they stop the browser from creating popups or do the simply remove them b4 the user notices. This is a big difference, one way cookies are set and the other cookies are not?

    Anyone know?

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    Just like the spammers, the popup/under cookie swappers devise ways to set their cookies with workarounds to the Ad blockers. Until the networks make in mandintory that all cookies require a physical CLICK to take place the commission thieves only game is to set their reporting cookies on as many systems as they can infect.

    Basically "incent" BHO's and all popups and unders are anti-merchant tools run by sleezy affiliates. That's why 80% of all web surfers hate pops of any kind. Merchants who encourage, with extra commission rates, the popup whores have the ethics amd morals of a porn site owner.

    That is why I and my shoppers make note of those merchants like Orbitz -CheapTickets -Mortage Companies and others who pay money to irratate those on news sites with there billions of popups. I refuse to waste my time promoting any mass advertiser as often their Ad campaign managers overwrite affiliate cookies with these popups/unders with their own hidden cookies.

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