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    January 17th, 2005
    I've used weatherbug for a long time, I also run ad-aware and spybot nearly every day and until today I never had a problem with weatherbug showing up as spyware, until today. I set ad-aware to fix the problem and it totally removed weatherbug from my computer. I thought it was just a glitch so I went back and downloaded it again, chose Better Homes and Garden magazine as my advertiser. Then ran spybot and it brought weatherbug up again as spyware and when I clicked to fix it, it removed the whole thing from my computer again. Have they recently added spyware to the free version of weatherbug? Like I said, today is the first time this has happened to me and I am always running both programs to remove any spyware from my computer. And if it is a parasite that is stealing sales from our site. Does anyone know?

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    Don't know if it is "spyware" as many call it. I did have a run in with it myself two days ago with I accidentally changed my security settings to low and hit an AngelFire page while doing some random surfing.

    I got WeatherBug and Internet Washer Pro bundle pushed unto my machine- very annoying. Using "drive-by downloads" as a distribution method is often enough to get classifed as "spyware" by any of the anti-spy programs on the market.


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    I did find this information, they claim it's not spyware. "Is weatherbug spyware?"

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    Hello Sue. Weatherbug ITSELF is not considered spyware, but along with the weatherbug (in the download package)- there is a program called "My Search Bar", which IS spyware. I downloaded the free version of Weatherbug, and wound up with the other program too. I didn't know that I had it until I went to a website to have my computer checked out for spyware. Sure enough, it found the MySearchBar program and instructed me on how to delete it.

    I know that it came from the Weatherbug download, because that was the only program that I had downloaded in a long time(afraid I would pick up spyware ).

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