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    Not sure where else to post this.

    Is this dead or am I missing something? The link just leads to buyersportnetwork homepage, talking about the system.

    Where will the end users get their cash back? What about the Lexy Foundation? What about the kids!?!?!?

    I guess since morpheus is no longer a hot property, there is no need to actually follow through with any promises since attracting new users is no longer a priority? Has anyone heard of anyone ever getting paid? The wurldmedia site doesn't have a press release about how much they paid out to users, and it has been over a year.

    So is it dead or am I missing something? Was it worth it for some of the programs that backed them? There are still some merchants who I will never really promote because of their relationship with this mess. So before I say anymore - anyone know - is it dead?


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    "Due to the reach of BuyersPort's customer base, WURLD Media is designing a new online center for participating retailers to provide real-time understanding of purchasing behavior, better consumer information, and results of new products and marketing campaigns.

    We are committed to provide the most valuable e-commerce platform for our merchant partners and are working to supply you with valuable information to assist you in deploying successful e-commerce initiatives and building valuable customers. Completion of the Resource Center is scheduled for the 3rd quarter 2003 and we encourage any input from the merchant community during the development process."

    So it looks like they are redoing things and aren't live right now, at least that is how I read it.

    Connie Berg

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    They are changing some aspects, but I can, rather happily, confirm that they are STILL in 100% compliance with their activities!


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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    But remember, the consumer who downloaded this, wanted to! They wanted the rewards! They understood and knowingly particpated!!!


    So I wonder, have they paid anyone?

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    "So I wonder, have they paid anyone?" ...only their lawyers and remaining staff. I always wondered about all these rewards programs after seeing the big ones show up at F** over the years leaving their loyal herd without any rewards. They shouldn't have promised annual payments and follow the smoke and mirror plan of Upromise....payout at some undetermined time years down the road.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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