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    I have made it standard practice to E-mail every site I visit that has WhenU or any other parasitic pop up on it.

    I advise them that I will not do business with their site, nor any site that endorses this type of behavior from their affiliates. I also let them know that this tarnishes their reputation, merely by the affiliation. If they get enough complaints from consumers, they WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    I've actually had a few contact me, asking for additional information. I tell them to come here for it. Some of these sites are pretty big, and I'm surprised they don't realize what's going on!

    If we can't depend on the networks to enforce their policies (which we very obviously cannot!), we are going to have to let the merchants that allow these companies into their programs know what is going on.


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    You got that right. I just got this in an email yesterday:

    Vitacost discourages its affiliates from the use of predatory marketing tools such as spyware or adware. Customers are turned off by and ultimately turn away from sites that deploy these hijacking types of software.

    Vitacost has received a number of complaints from customers in recent weeks regarding these types of marketing tactics used by some of our affiliates. Customers are frustrated by the intrusive and repetitive ad serving of Pop Ups that these types of software utilize.

    We are proactively seeking out sites that utilize these predatory marketing practices and removing them from our program. We ask that you protect your customers and provide them with the best shopping experience possible by NOT deploying these types of marketing softwares on your site.

    Sonya Lambert
    Affiliate Marketing Manager

    I'm going to be updating my parasite notification page to encourage infected users to contact merchants themselves as well.

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