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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello this has been going on for awhile and even cant figure it out.

    Im an affiliate with and a few others. The problem is that when I go to my website I cant see the affiliate banners and when I click on a banner the page that loads says Page not found? This also takes plase with several other affiliates is have. Also when I try to go to there home page it cant be found?

    Also while surfing certin banners on others sites do the same. However If I use a neighbors computer I see everything.

    I contacted but they dont know what is wrong?
    I use the latest adaware. and scan with norton But cant find any thing?

    Ronald Angel

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    January 18th, 2005
    check that FREE host file you got with your copy of KAZAA LITE ... if you dont have kazaa lite, check your firewall/ad blocker/etc.

    In any case check your /etc/hosts file

    Err.. c:\windows\hostsomethingorother.

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    You might also check if you're running Norton's Systemworks or something with a similar name.

    I had a user complain about invisible links and it turned out he was using the above program and it had been installed with ad-blocking on by default.

    He turned off ad-blocking and presto! He could see my links.

    It affected all my CJ links but not my Amazon links.

    -- Mike

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    I had the same issue and it was my firewall having a default of ad blocking that was the problem. The ad blocking only blocking certain ad serving domains (not all) which confused me at first why only some banners didnt show. Looked for and found the switch and bingo. Problems fixed!

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