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    Has anyone heard of bargainbuddy adware? I own the website and I get tons of hate mail from people who have this on their computers. I direct them to various sites that have removal instructions.

    Today, while browsing Websponsors for new ads, I came across a campaign for Upon reviewing MyFreeCursors' privacy policy, I found that when people download the cursor software, KEENVALUE, BARGAINBUDDY, and iGetNet are also installed on their computer.

    What really surprised me was that they are saying the "Bargainbuddy" software is from MY website and they even link to my privacy policy page! I don't a clue about how to create a spyware program, nor would I ever want to!

    I contacted Websponsors about this and they are going to contact the advertiser. Any ideas on what else I can do? I'm at a loss!

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    Sue all parties involved and place a link on your privacy page.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I was just coming to report the same thing. I'm writing WebSponsors too. Every freebie site on the Internet will have those links up before sundown. That is, the ones that don't know any better.

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