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    January 17th, 2005
    Got this suspicious email the other day. Can anyone verify if it's parasiteware or not?


    I wanted to contact you about adding a downloadable file (via popup ad) to your site -- a file called "Aquarium Screen Saver", which is currently the world's most realistic fish aquarium screen saver. You can see the popup I am talking about and download the screensaver here:

    We pay 7 cents per unique USA install when you show our popup download window on your site. This is such a cool screen saver that people are downloading it like crazy.

    Please email me if you are interested, and we can get you set up this week.

    ***Also, please let me know how many unique users you get per day to your site. ***

    Michael J.
    Media Coordinator

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    January 17th, 2005
    Oh yes. This is another exciting parasitic jamboree from BlueHavenMedia (ex-Lions Pride, the makers of the wnad spyware aka twistedhumor).

    BHM's business model is to spam webmasters like you trying to get their pop-ups hosted on web pages. These point to their trivial applications which are bundled with all the get-paid-to-install-this-crap software BHM get find.

    This aquarium thing comes with at least:

    - BargainBuddy/apuc
    - TopMoxie/eBates
    - n-Case (180solutions)
    - IGetNet/v4
    - IPInsight/ipinsigt

    I would advise you to go ahead host their adverts, if you really hate your users.

    Incidentally they are also the same people who produce a "spyware remover" called SpywareNuker. Conflict of interest, madam? Surely not...

    Andrew Clover

    Andrew Clover

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    January 17th, 2005
    Off Topic, but what do you make of this:

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    January 18th, 2005
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    If Andrew says their scumbags then you can count on it. Seems like their name also popsup in my mind as the source of those greeting card spyware e-mail viruses with a phoney click to get viewer.

    Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! Where's the love and show me the money?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Sacramento, CA
    got this email for SpyWareNuker:


    We've noticed your high positioning on various search engines, and we'd
    like to promote our Spyware/Adware removal program as an exit pop, or
    regular pop-under on your site.

    With your site having such a great position on various search engines,
    you must receive high volumes of clicks...and as you know, not all
    clicks transpire into sales. If you add as an exit pop,
    or as an onsite pop-under, you will see a new revenue stream unlike any
    other you've promoted to date.

    Why will SpyWareNuker be a great fit with your audience? Because it's a
    beneficial application for all computer owners.

    We are currently testing this out on a CPA basis with the following

    *$10.68 per sale of the $29.99 download
    *$18.06 per sale of the $49.90 download
    *$6.98 per sale of the $19.99 download

    You should see 5 - 7 sales for every 100 clicks that you can generate
    for SpyWareNuker from exit pops, or onsite pops.

    We provide real time stats so that you can see sales as they come in,
    and checks are cut twice per month. Another great feature is that you'll
    receive the "Name" and "Email" address of each person from your site
    that purchases SpyWareNuker. The benefit of this is that you'll now have
    a very valuable email address of a known Internet buyer, and you can
    create a new database to send offers to them directly. Promoting
    SpyWareNuker will help you bring in revenue right away, but will also
    help your sales in the future.

    We also pay the top affiliate at the end of each month a bonus check of

    Here are some examples of the pop-unders that we'd like to run on your

    Please let me know how you would like to move forward, and we do hope
    that you can offer us a 30 day test

    Also, please let me know if your company has an opt-in solo-mailing
    database that you'd be interested in running barter campaigns to.

    Thank you for your time,

    Affiliate Manager

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    January 17th, 2005
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Man twisted humor used to be a good affiliate program, Now they suck.

    AOL strides into e-tail business

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