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    I received a phone call from a affiliate manager who works for a merchant who uses BeFree this morning. He and I spoke about ways they can be promoted better on my site...yada yada yada. I'm not particularly fond of their site so I've never spent much time on their links. Well the way we left it was I was going to check out their site to look at their top selling products and "see what I can do".

    Now here is where the strange stuff comes in...I went to my site from my bookmarks later on that evening to do some other shopping. When my site loaded, the online merchant I mentioned just popped up on top of my on earth did this happen?????
    Could they use some type of parasite to load their site when my site is loaded?? I just find this really unusual since I just talked to their AM this morning.

    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Could have been a parasite delivering the ad, but it would have had nothing to do with your phone conversation. You would have to have the parasite installed on your computer. Run adaware or spybot or something similiar and see if they find anything.

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