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    Hey, I'm suspicious of Kendall Media.

    From their site and their marketing description, they sound like a BHO-- and that can only mean a parasite.

    However, I don't want to jump to conclusions and start expiring everybody who seems like a parasite but really isn't.

    If anyone has input, I'd like to hear it.


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    The 5 page website reads like an affiliate requesting merchants pay them for leads -clicks and e-mail campaigns. Lack of any real meaningful information on how this particular site generates any leads -clicks or pay-per-performance sales means the operators are purposefully hiding how this is done. Basically the site is a Billboard Ad.

    Big question is why would any merchant ever even bother to contact these folks based upon this sites content.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I have had some very professional email communications with the company. They are an affiliate for one of my clients. The site I reviewed is one of the best examples of a great affiliate marketing site I have ever seen. They use every honest advantage that I can think of to convert sales.

    1) They list coupon codes
    2) Then they list numerous specific advantages to shopping at the merchant.
    3) Then they list customer testimonials that they got from BizRate.

    I have to admit they won my support when I saw the testimonials since that is something I strongly advocate affiliates use.

    I did not suspect them, even though, like you am starting to take off my rose colored glasses and get more suspicious each day. They could be a duper I guess, but my gut tells me that a company that puts that much effort into creating a such a 1st class marketing site is not doing anything dishonest, they are just great marketers.

    I could be wrong and will investigate in more detail. But my possibly naive opinion is, that thiefs typically avoid having to do the real work and simply take the easy road of capitalizing on others hard efforts. This does not seem to be the case here.

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    Is it considered OK to copy testimonials from BizRate. I would think BizRate would own those testimonials.

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    Then they list customer testimonials that they got from BizRate.

    Did you hear this from them? Or is this a guess? Does bizrate know? Has copying content now become the mark of professionalism?

    Almost no backward links to their affiliates sites, one of them nothing but a redirect using a trademarked name. Another seemingly her son's site? The best site having a page rank of 5, the others 0. Nothing coming up for them in google adwords or overture for 10 of their stores they list.

    Yeah, it all looks good. I have to wonder if they produce, because if they do...

    -slow typer as i researched.

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    Yeah, they produce alright. They send us plenty of sales for iFloor and RugArea.

    I just haven't been able to find the links to RugArea.

    Thanks for the idea to make testimonials available. We get a lot of them through a comments link. Besides, I find that the ones that take to time to go to another site to comment are usually the unhappy ones-- and that's bad for business.

    As long as I'm on the subject of comments, let me give you an indication of how powerful they are: FatWallet Discussion on iFloor's WestHollow Bamboo

    This discussion generated quite a few sales for us.

    Ok, I'm done bragging...for now.

    Bryan Simonson
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    Wasn't too hard to find the site Linda made mention of. Those don't appear to be bizrate reviews at all. They seem to be reviews from customers from her site. She has a submit a review page herself.

    I can find nothing so far to indicate they are using any type of parasitic software application.

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