I am wanting to add a 'guest column', as it were, to one of my sites, and trade full page essays to other humor or life essay sites. I just figured it might be a way to generate some traffic and stickiness for both sites. I have a number of humorous essays that have not been published that I could trade with.

Anyone interested?

The essay would need to be humorous, and not overtly spammy - I am not interested in the 'get rich before you are 29' type essay, or the '5 secrets to online success'. I'm talking about an actual honest to god humorous topic, with a link to your site under your name, maybe one or two links in your essay.

If you are prolific, I would even be interested in a monthly exchange of essays.

The site is www.bagofcack.com .

A page a day keeps the creditors away.....