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    Anyone have any info on ... i.e., who they are, etc....

    The site appears to be for an affiliate program to download their software... but I can't find the software itself or what it is, etc... are they a new entry? or a new name on an old face, etc...

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    Maybe I'm biased Brian but when I see then pushing their wares on these type of sites I suspect they are not legit Movie sites, Game sites and Music sites. I could not find anything but like I say if they push on those sites they cannot be too straight
    One day parasites and their ilk will be made illegal, I bet a few Lawyers will be pissed off when the day comes.
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    "The majority of money we have received from major investors is going as payouts to website owners. Upon establishing MediaTickets on the web, the companies that made these investments plan to use the MediaTickets technology to give web surfers the option of downloading user friendly services. For example, in the future a user could have the ability to receive an e-mail spam stopper or a game when they click "Yes" on their MediaTickets. Like most great business models MediaTickets creates a relationship between multiple parties with positives for everyone involved. Both website owners and their traffic are better off with MediaTickets than they would be without it. That simple reason is why MediaTickets is rapidly spreading on Internet sites across the world. It makes website owners money without charging their surfers anything, and leaves their surfers happier than they would be without MediaTickets."

    Sounds like they are doing a download to be able to do more downloads in the future. I haven't come across the actual software yet myself. Sounds real similiar to the way Zango is being marketed.

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    I've been looking into them as well if you search around for there CLSID, it comes up all over the place on the spyware boards.

    the JS download is here
    which grabs an OCX cab file from here,0,0,001

    I haven't been able to see exactly what it does just yet other then its an ActiveX hook

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