Finished working last night, everything was fine. Just added some new cj merchants. This morning, logged on and tried to work, but noticed my home page banners, there are 4 small ones across the top, are not mine, when I hover over them there is a link to somewhere I don't know. One of them was:

But when looking at my dreamweaver html source it is my code. Even in the view source.

I did the add/remove programs. Nothing to remove.
Ran AdAware,Spybot,did several other scans, found some small junk, removed that, rebooted several times.
It happens in IE, not Netscape.
I have another computer networked and it doesn't do it either.

Any ideas?
thanks in advance.....

ps...when you put the mouse over each banner I get a AD Rank 2: or AD Rank 11: etc....this doesn not happen to text links.

When I use IE to search at Google I get a weird look to the result page. The links are a little more spread out then normal and the search results don't add up.
But when the same is done on Netscape this doesn't happen. Google is normal.

I have noticed this to be the same experience when using Yahoo.

I have looked for:
coolwebsearch, ezsearch, and ran thru all the parasites on and cannot find anything related to this.

All the removal programs have not found or removed this problem.
It is not a virus, my system is clean. Checked daily for two weeks now.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance