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    I'm a publisher and when I have competing merchant programs to choose from, I'd rather choose one not affiliated with the Parasitewares.

    Is there a list somewhere of merchants that partner with "parasites"? CJ actively pushes WhenU with their merchants, so there must be many merchants involved.

    If this list doesn't exist, why not? The pop-up BHO's could be easily outed with screenshots. URL overwriting/cookie-stuffing will be more difficult, but screenshots are a start.

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    Hello BBF,

    > Is there a list somewhere of affiliates

    Do you mean a list of merchants?

    Not sure if there is an accurate list, but do a search here for parasites and you'll get many discussions on it.

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    Whoops, yes, merchants. I edited my post.

    I was thinking more of an organized list of confirmed parasite-friendly merchants. The discussions here are just that -- discussions. They don't necessarily confirm association.

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    Simplify the process. The merchnats here at ABW who have active forums (posts within last 30 days) all have taken some stance to bar the worse BHO offenders from their programs. My rule of thumb is those major brand merchnats who do not post at ABW definitely are infested as their 3rd party affiliate managers openly welcome the BHO's raping their merchnats pocketbooks.

    It's easier to sign up a double dipping BHO to hijack sales and traffic, throwing out a few "incent offers", then make landing pages and creatives thta convert real targeted traffic. These AM's have zero faith in domain bound affiliates so they cort e-mail spammers and Mass reach BHO's regardless of how their theftware apps got onto shoppers systems.

    You be hard pressed to build out a shopping site with just the ABW merchnats over the next 6 months working 8 hours/day.
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