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    Just got a spam from these guys entitled "Request for banner/pop inventory on your site"

    Text of message:


    Can you send this email to the appropriate executive who handles online
    promotions for your site(s). We are very interested in promoting our
    popular downloadable screensavers, games, and funny movie clips to your

    All of our downloadable files are free of charge, so your consumers can
    actually get something for nothing. We can pay your company $0.10 for
    every USA consumer that downloads any file. You will have access to a
    stats page where you can see the downloads as they come in.

    Our most popular files are our short "Flying Cat" video clip and our
    "California Bikini Girls" screensavers. The Flying Cat video is
    something that every consumer can enjoy, and will result in numerous

    But you can promote all of our files if you wish! Please email me back
    with your thoughts and we can set you up right away. You can promote our
    program with banners, pops, text links or ezine placement!

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Sean Lyons
    Affiliate Managaer
    Software DS


    Note that he calls himself "Sean Lyons" in the above spam.

    Now, coutesy of Google, we find him spamming a chatboard...


    Note this time, he's spamming "Porn Gizmo" downloads, but his last name has mysteriously changed...


    Porn Gizmo


    We would like the opportunity to promote our Free download program to your "Adult" oriented audience. We will pay you $0.10 for every consumer that installs the Free Porn Gizmo download.

    Now $0.10 doesn't seem like a lot, but it can really add up. Porn Gizmo is a program that is a perfect fit with the people that go to your site(s), and we estimate that 7% - 10% of your audience will indeed download the program. So the $0.10 per install will really add up. All that we ask is that you test it out for 30 days...if you're not
    satisfied with the results then just stop promoting it...but we're
    certain that you'll be more than satisfied with the results and will
    continue promoting it for many months to come. Basically, this is free
    money for you. Porn Gizmo is also something that will make your audience happy, and therefore will continue to go to your site for other goodies!

    You can promote Porn Gizmo with banners, pops, or mailings. The most effective route to take is the pop-up.

    In order to begin promoting Porn Gizmo all you need to do is go to this

    You will have access to online tracking, and checks will be cut every 30 days on the 15th of the month.

    If you have any questions please email me as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Sean O'Hagen
    Affiliate Manager


    Note there is no entry web page for their domain.

    I've found the following, though...


    where they state " owns all intellectual property, data, customer identification, and other proprietary interest related to the web site, but in many cases is not the owner of the actual software that is being downloaded by a consumer, and/or its so-called bundling with other software or applications, if any. retains the right to control all downloads, use, update, deactivation, or other consumer-interface functions and that Partner does not maintain any interest, monetary or otherwise, in anything other than the initial download."

    Note that is no longer owned by them - they probably dumped it after it got blocked by too many anti-parasite programs. They now operate from shows that they recently launched this "flying cat" movie as a parasite-download-lollypop.

    clicking on the link downloads a file called SoftwareInstall.exe. Looking at it in a text editor shows plain text software agreements for ShopNav,My Way Speedbar/Searchbar, n-CASE, InContext and Ebates.

    URL's mentioned include - the original "aquarium screensaver" perveyors.

    Checking the WHOIS for bluehaven, it appears they've moved to Las Vegas Nevada and renamed themselves "Software Delivery Systems, Inc."

    So be on the lookout for any websites offering a "Flying Cat" download. shows the sort of banners to expect.

    And take a look at to get an idea of the type of lollypops being offered in order to sneak spyware onto machines - Game Demos, Solitaire, Matrix Screensaver...


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    Got the same email. Sad thing is that I'm sure some people will take them up on their offer.

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