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    I was checking some backlinks for my sites and found a site that tried to install some junk from

    Here is a search on Google of sites that reference them, and a few that run the javascript code. Imagine that, they have an affiliate program to help spread this crap.

    I notice when I went to one of these sites that has this crap on it, it shows "Installing" in the status bar, then a security warning box pops up and asks me if I want to install. Even when you click no, it pops up a box that tells you that "This is a 1 time install, once you click Open it will never pop this message again." When you click OK to clear that message, it pulls up a file download box. It references in the download.

    Not sure if there's something in the download, but I sure ain't letting it on my PC.

    I thought I would pass this along. BTW, if I shouldn't have posted the links, please remove them.
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    From their FAQs:

    3. Is it Spyware?

    Absolutely not. Spyware is defined as software that is installed without the consumers knowledge that tracks personal surfing habits, reads on line forms, captures credit card information or other personally identifiable information and is not listed in add/remove programs on the users computer. NetPal does nothing of the sort. Our free games that we give away to consumers provide a valuable benefit, we have a pay version available with no adware available, as well as a free version that includes adware so the consumer clearly has a choice and our software is 100% listed in add/remove so that if a consumer decides to remove the ads, he/she may do so quickly and easily.

    First off we would like to bring up a point about what is adware and what is spyware. Many people have had problems early on with viruses, or applications known as spyware.

    Through their game sites like AT Games, they distribute NetPAL from Mindseti see
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