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    I'm checking out something ealier today on the test computer. I get a pop up through BargainBuddy for some one (I forget who know). It contains a drive by install. I think cool, another app to test and let it go through.

    I leave the test computer and go back to work on other stuff. After awhile I notice the test computer is clicking behind me. I take a look and there are about 8 pop up windows there waiting for me (now I left the computer with no browser window open and it was sitting idle...I guess you don't have to be surfing to get those 'targeted pop ups') all with ActiveX prompts waiting for approval.

    So I start clicking Yes to the ActiveX prompts and the computer goes wild and my firewall was flashing with prompts to let installs by. Just one of the pop ups with a drive by yielded ZA prompts for 12 separate exe files.

    After awhile, I started not letting the drive bys happen. I figured I had enough new applications on the test computer. I then ran S&D and it showed the following new programs:

    ClearSearch (the one that is yielding all other downloads)
    Golden Palace Casino (even though I clicked NO to that install, it installed anyway)
    Inet Delivery
    Lycos SideBar (GRRRRR Looks like Lycos has gotten into the drive by install business. I'm definitely leaving that one on the test box to see what they are up to)
    Second Thought
    WinEssentials Jrarun (only one I got a download certificate for)
    AdDestroyer (a pop up blocker software..nice to install it by drive by ads)
    Virtual Bounce (a 'parasite' detector from the guys above)

    It looks like some more stuff may have been installed that S&D didn't pick up.

    But boy oh boy....I got all kinds of new stuff to test now.

    I'm still getting pops all with ActiveX prompts with the computer at idle. It seems they all pretty much contain drive bys.

    While this might make my day, I feel for some poor end user who would be on the receiving end of that. And yes, I wanted it..yada yada yada and it's legal.

    And before anyone else says it...yes I probably do need to get a life.

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    Good thing we have a sheriff around here in Wild Wild West or we all be sucked dried by leaches! <---

    By the way you do have a life and thanks for sharing it with us!

    What COC stand for? Crooks Overwriting Commission
    Don't worry tracking is Infected

    Live life to the fullest, You only get 1 chance. Enjoy it while you can... Nothing last forever!

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    I clicked one of those installs by accident, trying to close pop ups, and I've had that parasite and errorplace redirect ever since, good thing I don't buy anything on that computer. I emailed the hireults to google and they didn't seem to care that it was adding search results to thier search results. Could be a future sponsor I guess.

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