Noticed hits coming into my site from , you gotta love their agreement which contains this little blurb:

- - - - -
You grant to us the right, exercisable by us until you uninstall the Software or this agreement is otherwise terminated, to provide to you the Service of downloading and causing to be displayed advertising material on your computer, through ‘pop-up’ or other display while you use your browser. You acknowledge and agree that installation of the Software may automatically modify toolbars and other settings of your browser. By installing the Software you agree to such modifications.
- - - - -

So downloading their little software allows them to pop up ads as you surf, modify your toolbars and 'other settings' within your browser, and accumulate information about what you do online, and share the data with their associates. I wonder how many people read these long winded agreements and truly understand what they are doing to themselves?????

If only there was a way to regulate downloads, where companies had to publish a simple checklist before downloading begins:

Tracks Your Online Activity X
Sells or Shares Data With Other Companies X
Modifies Your Browser X
Pops Advertisements X


See, that wouldn't be so hard, would it? The typical surfer could actually understand that, and make an informed decision, rather than just casually surfing through a huge document looking for clues.