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    Can I ask for some help please?

    My site is being targeted by adware and a pop up is being generated setting another affiliate's cookie and also directing sales to them.

    My problem is I need to find which adware program is generating the pop ups so I can give a detailed report to the merchant.

    I made the discovery on an overseas visit whilst using another computer to access the site. I do not have pop ups so was surprised to see the page. I could not identify the adware installed on that computer.

    The link being generated was the id is the affiliate code which is not mine!

    If any one has Adware installed for testing I would appreciate a quick visit to see if I can duplicate the pop up and then report the commission theft.

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    It's pretty difficult to determine the application involved if you no longer have access to the computer on which you saw the pop up. It could one of many possible applications. Indeed, they may be using more than one application.

    In this situation, it is probably best to begin with contacting the Merchant, telling them what happened and provide them with the aff ID. Sometimes it's pretty easy to identify which application is involved when the Merchant knows the person/domain behind the ID.

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