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    January 18th, 2005
    some may know from my prev posts that I have done some aggressive and wallet shrinking ppc marketing on overture, adwords, and bcentral...

    I have seen a big increase on my site, and especially on my summer promo page. click thru rates are ok for the summer promo... and im sure with the amount of visits that I have to have at least one friggin sale..

    I tried to make it easy for me by using 2 main affil networks (Performics, and linkshare) so that I can easily track em ... but both networks
    show extremly high impressions, reasonable ctr's but my commission bin is still empty...

    am I just not cut out for this?? I work 50hr weeks, get paid enough to feed my family, but so far, I havent seen a profit. its like Im doing this to spend money that I dont have.. I see everyones success and wonder if I'm just bieng cheated...

    As a note... when I get the product links,, I usually delete every 1x1 pixle gif file... (Heard that some SE's consider this spam or not good..) but do the networks use these 1x1 images to track sales?? (shouldnt, they should use the cookies) is there a way I can find out if a parasite is stealing my sales??

    I really need help folks.. Im on the verge of insanity and homelessness (really)

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    January 18th, 2005
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    I am in the same position.

    One page had 126 clickthrought in the first 14 days with 2 sales. SInce then I have had 2107 click throughs from this page with 0 sales.

    I have spent all day looking in this forum. Found some really great information but I still can't tell if this page in particular or my site in general are being targeted.

    Like most people here I have a lot at stake and take my web site very seriously.

    I use Ad-aware and Spy Sweeper every couple of days. I know that I have been infected since both these programs have found spyware, adware, attempted browser hijacking, etc. I simply remove them and continue with my day.

    I need help to figure this out.
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    January 18th, 2005
    I am having a similar problem. One of my merchants generated five very nice sales during May and June. During July, I have had almost as many clicks to them as in May and June combined and not a single sale. I am getting paranoid now.

    On the other hand, my conversion rates are way off for July across the board. Sigh. Doldrums of summer, I suppose.

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    The 1x1 tracking images are used to track visitors that loaded the page the ad is on, and that is all. They are not used to track purchases.

    As for making a profit, well some weeks I can say "Join the club." Some weeks the sales are there. It sounds like now is the time to re-evaluate who your merchants are, and whether or not they are converting - or is the traffic you are sending them actually looking to purchase their products?


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    I have the same problem. I have a water sports site and so you would think it would be seasonal. All of my advertisers have gotten a couple thousand visitors or more from me. My traffic has built up hugely for june and july and even bigger for Aug.but all my sales were pre season. Sounds pritty fishy to me. I use Cj mostly.

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