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    T.V. Media adware by seems to be thwarting the installation of SP2.

    Not that I have that application on my computer, but SP2 never did install for me. In fact, never finished downloading. My sisters computer completely bite the dust when she tried to install SP2. She had just sent me a list of stuff that had gotten on her computer and I didn't know she was about to install SP2. That was days ago and since I've heard nothing from her I guess her computer still isn't usable.

    If these companies are being able to block just the installation, I have to wonder how effective it's going to be at blocking the stuff as M$ is claiming it will.

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    > computer completely bite the dust

    These are the kind of things that make me feel better about leaving the on-site tech support business. You spend 3 hours upgrading and patching then crash.

    I remember we did a big rollout of computers and Wyse Thin clients for a local clinic about 2 years ago using Win 2000 and when the MCSE guru patched to SP2 on all systems instead of a phase I tryout, well let's just say we were up and down for 2 weeks and heads were rolling.

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