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    Just checking some of my listings, seems they enjoyed one of my sites. when clicked goes to which says connecting to server while installing some .cab something. Then a popup to dl something else. seems like some sort of portal with this to dl.

    Click here to install Open Site software and enhance your web experience by seeing our choices of the top websites on the internet.

    Found what it was, more adware crap

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    Thanks for the link Trust. You wouldn't happen to know if this is (Michael Zuvio)?

    Just asking because... not only did I have that Open Site software on my computer but one of the pop-ups that was generated was for globat web hosting. When I check out the affiliate section (on his globat pop-up) and go to the sign up section, Michael Zuvio would be my "upline". I've also "caught" his Commission Junction affiliate link (
    That sh*t is p*ssing me off. Not only are my commissions being grabbed (I don't know how to tell if he's overwriting cookies but when his pop-up comes up, after my "globat affiliate site" comes up, I can only asume that my cookie is being overwritten), I think Zuvio's making a couple bucks everytime I make a sale.

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    Put these guys through our standard test...install on test computer, uninstall via Settings/Control panel. Very basic. As it turns out, yes, Zuvio is listed (as Open Site). So I was able to uninstall it...however, a subsequent search showed Open Site still present in Program Files. Activities like this put me on edge. I can not determine a single good, ethical reason why a consuemr should not be allowed to do a complete, clean uninstall.

    Furthermore, it would appear that Zuvio is also domain squatting, but I don't understand enough of how the registeries work to translate this. Can someone explain this to me?


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    Thanks for the heads-up on this character. I've actually emailed him/them a couple of times to explain his methods and how he achieves such high which I received zero response.

    Terminated (temporarily for the moment)


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