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    First came the infamous aquarium screensaver.

    I just got the first of what I suspect will be many spams for a "fireplace screensaver".

    Spam came from registered 17 November and hiding behind an NSI privacy shield. Has all the marks of our friends in Florida that like spamming affiliate stuff.

    Screensaver is by

    $10 says there's something nasty in it.

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    7,503 has several different screensavers and an affiliate program so you get their stuff pushed through a lot of spam among other methods. is a nasty one. You have to provide a ton of personal info just to download their screensavers. Then it asks for it again when you go to install the screen saver. I believe one of those long coreg pages also with everything automatically checked off to receive. I have it documented transmitting the personal info anyway when I aborted the install. It comes bundled with several adware applications. Why they can pay something like .75 an install.

    Crazy thing is that I've seen being promoted on many affiliate's sites. In the long run they'd be doing less harm to themselves and other affs just to push Ebates or SAHS. At least that's just one app being installed at a time.

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    What a sleezy Adwhore operation covering all the grey areas having come from being just a plain old spam operation. What network would want them in the commission pool?

    At we fully cater to your marketing needs. We offer standard services, as listed below, or contact us to put a plan together so we can assist you in achieving your marketing goals.

    • Sponsorships: Fully customizable to suit your every need.

    • Interstitials: The hottest inventory going on the Internet, without the heavy ad network fees.

    • Content Integration: Complete advertorial packages available, provide a service to our users and win them over.

    • Email Services: We can run your stand-alone email, rent a list to you or place you in our targeted newsletters.

    • Banner Ads: Multiple creative sizes that will afford you the greatest levels of exposure.

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    You'll find very flexible in creating programs that will increase awareness and drive traffic to your site. We look forward to working with you.

    The site is a front for every scam they can run through their team of shanky affiliates. Wonder how the CanSpam Act applies to them and I'm sure they are actively peddling subscriber info to any willing partner. Putting someones info into their forms is a sure kiss of death to your in-box.
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