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    How does one go about getting traffic to a sales site without waiting 6 months for it to pick up from a few measly search submissions?

    This is considering dmoz editors will outright deny an affiliate link packed site. After all an online "mall" of sorts without links isn't really a place to shop.

    Getting inbound links from content sites seems like it could be tricky considering most mall type sites don't have a specific topic.

    PPC is out for now, I once experimented with google and their daily cap is just the monthly cap divided by listing ballooned in 4 hours to 3x the daily budget limit because it hit the content partners.

    I'm 99% complete my first content site and page additions that weren't needed at launch will be added in due time. Reading the posts here about content vs sales I've been itching to start another because of the lull waiting for dmoz and google to pick up my site. My only traffic has been searchbots so far

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    Try to link it from a site thats regularly picked up by Google.
    I don't know if you have more sites yourself?
    If so, try to find which of your pages have freshtags (Date-tags in google) start from there
    Dmoz wont do much, unless your really really lucky, but I dont even try it myself

    You might even try to build a non-affiliate site first, if google likes it, your good to go on other sites as well.
    I don't believe there are any other "magical" options to get a lot of traffic out of the blue.
    It needs lots of work and time. Bummer eh?

    But it beats a real j.o.b.

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    far far away....
    getting listed in the search engines can be very fustrating for us avg. folks...

    I agree try exchanging links withsome who is already listed in the search engines..

    Thats what I did... I now have one site that ranks well in google and it even got listed in Yahoo without pay the submission fee.

    now I link all my websites to my already listed site... usaully within a few days or a week my new site is indexed... Your traffic Specialists...get 500 visitors just for signing up for free!

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