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    Whatever you think I did to you, I did not .
    You don't give yourself enough credit do you ? Did you ever think for a second , that you can blame yourself if others find out about your dirty deeds ?

    I am not your enemy. You are your own worst enemy .

    Send me another email like the one I just got, and you will see if I really am the "beech" you described !


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    What you did was publisher fraud!

    I noticed Todd reading the thread yesterday ... you did it yourself by utilizing improper advertising methods and ethics.



    Forward me the mail!


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    What is it with online sales? What on earth makes people set aside all human values and ethics? Someone who wouldn't dream of bashing someone on the head and thieving the contents of their pockets feels entirely free to do exactly as they please to anyone daft enough to have an email.

    I dunno. Maybe they would bash people over the head. Maybe they gave up mugging and took up webmastering.

    It is the 'sales' thing isn't it? Most people think 'sales = theft'.

    Heres a recent conversation I had:

    Him: What you doin?

    Me: Chatting to some webmaster people doing sales like me!

    Him: What for?

    Me: Helping each other out.

    Him: You can't do that! They're the competition!

    Me: In theory. In practice, since Google decided it liked reciprocal linking theres been a certain advantage to co-operation. Difficult habit to break and surprisingly useful. These people taught me everything I know.

    Him: Oh. But how do you know someone isn't giving out b******t advice just to screw the competition.

    Me: Are you familiar with the concept of peer review? Its like that. We evaluate things and discuss them.

    So off he toddles all thoughtful, and comes up with an Evil Plan that will trick customers into buying more expensive stuff than they need.

    I tell him he *still* hasn't got it! No ripping off colleagues and no ripping off customers either! He thinks about that for a while too.

    In the meantime I find an impressive looking graph, one of the orange ones from CJ. Each month shows sales up at least a third on the previous month. He looks suitably impressed.

    Me: See that month there? Thats where I listened to Leader and Jim. See that month there? Thats where some person called Breeze said something real helpful. See this month here, with the big increase? Halfway through that month Elizabeth said something *extremely* helpful. And see all these earlier months here of nothing whatsoever? Those are the months before I even heard of these people.

    Ripping people off to make a sale is so brick and mortar. Its not like in real life either - text sticks around, like forever.


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    For shame! You do wrong and get caught. So, you make it all better by bullying and threatening women?

    What would your mother say?

    Have some pride, man. If you want to make money on the net, don't start by assuming you can put one over on folks. Start by learning the trade and how to do it without acting like a chump.

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    I don't think it's the online that brings out the bad in normal people.

    I think it's the online mask that brings out the freaks.

    They are stupid and think that they won't get caught.

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