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    Well I've hung around and posted enough times, to think I'll stick around here, I spend way to much time here, its addictive.

    So I'm going to just tell you a bit about me.

    I'm a 27 year old married lady with 2 kids. A boy named Caelan who is 6 and a daughter 3 named Jade.

    MY husband is gone alot, we works 8 days gone and home for 6.

    I've been on the internet since fall of 97. Before getting onto the internet I took a two year business Admin course. And I really wanted my own business. But hubby was too scared of any failure. I couldn't find a solid enough business plan.

    Believe it or not I was one of those people I know hate- MLMer's. I did it for a year, I never spammed though, I never bought email addresses etc. It was though a cheap way for me to attempt to get my own business. Eventually this is how I got started on the web marketing. And I sucked at it. I couldn't ever stand behind the company because it was fishy. I couldn't convince someone to get into the business, I felt guilty, It didn't feel right or good. I couldn't do the high pressure sales pitch, but this is what started my html. I made some wonderful bright pink pages, or black pages with blue text. :eek:

    Then I came across Ken Envoy's first book. This started the bowl rolling for me and I found Associate Allan, my hereo for the first year or more, because I saw him small, to quit his job, and hire an employee, all within my time frame. He was my insperation of success. I still love to read his newsletters
    I then took a while to think about what kind of site to try, and my husband I remember shaking his head thinking more money being thrown into "The Pit" everyone laughed, leave it up to Theresa to do some thing unordinary to do. I was the laughing stock of my family. But It was my hobby, and a little business to baby. I worked at the time of launching my first business. And was the laughing stock at work at well when I quit to try to make a real go of it. The month after I quit my job, my income doubled online.( I could afford to quit my job since my husband made enought to get us by, my income was always extra never depended upon)

    I still have my first domain, and probably will forever, as long as it continues to pay for itself. I get the most response from it. Since then I've got 7 domains.

    Now adays I'm respected by my husband, who quit shaking his head, and started bragging to everyone on what his wife can make on the net, and my family of now when one of the websites makes publicity in a magazine, cuts it out to show others.

    I try to run my business with respect to most others, I want to be able to sleep good at night is how I feel.

    One of the biggest pitfalls I had was Cyber rebate, I was a victim as a customer and an affiliate. I felt so horrible to those who spent thousands of dollars. I lost alot of sleep. I let people down. People trusted me to put their money into Cyber Rebate.I didn't care if I got paid as an affiliate and the $500 was nothing I lost as a customer compared to some others out there. Since then I will not promote UrbanQ or other rebates on my shopping sites, I don't want to make the same mistake twice, and hurt others in the process for my gain. I do my best to not promote "too good too be true" items. I think I still have a few old ones with free software just pay s&h, but no one ever orders these, (reminder to self)

    Other lessons are: Don't count on money for money coming to you, it may never come. Just count on the money that's in the bank.

    Try to stay focused on work in progress, and not jump ship weekly, (I'm bad at starting and never finishing)

    Look in the future and see where your business could lead to, and what goals you set out to achieve.

    Keep plunking out those pages, keep the ideas flowing. Always have a piece of paper and pen at your computer, you may think of a nitch or a great keyword, or idea. I cork board everything. Plans, ideas, keywords, changes made, changes to be done.

    Also I keep a calendar handy to fill in for search engines, robots, high traffic days, any thing significant, to catch a pattern, or as a reminder.

    As far as picking good merchants. I don't have many rules. If they fit, try them.

    Merchants to Avoid from my experience.,,, (if they resurface)Giantrewards, I have a list of questionable ones as well, but can't prove anything solid yet.(Jewelry merchants in general, and a few shoe ones and a few cell phone companies )

    And finally "My sig line- Success starts by thinking outside the box"

    So there's my some what of a success storye of the begining to now story....Now what is yours?

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    Hi Canfree [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Then I came across Ken Envoy's first book. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I've never heard of him.. what's the book exactly? (I know I could probably find it on Amazon but I thought I'd ask!) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    From one webmistress to another: Hiya!

    Been using email since 1985 here, surfed the gopher system a lot in 1989/90, then when my first daughter was born my sister gave me computer with a MODEM. Wow, 1200bps on a terminal connection to the University where I worked. Then some free time on AOL in 1994, but I never published.

    Then about two and a half years ago my lab job started to go South. It wasn't at a University, first off, but a government hospital. Dad was right: I am not cut out for "jobs in the real world". And worse, there was no interesting science going on in the lab.

    After my salary was cut when they switched my contract, and no benefits appeared to sweeten the deal, I threatened to quit. This went back and forth for almost 6 months until I finally said a final good-bye.

    A friend of my husband was visiting and had a bunch of Internet ideas, but was finishing law school. I was in a high mood of freedom from the stupid time clock (never had one of those at the University), trying to decide whether to produce some cottage industry product, develop my massage business (licenced Massage Practitioner), go into some niche techwriting for grants and research articles, or what.

    In the end, my husband's friend funded the setup of our first sites and they didn't make any money. I started hanging out at CJU and just as my business partner said "Do whatever you have to do...", I started crafting sales pages according to Leader's helpful posts.

    And since then we've increased our income from barely $20/month to about 100 times that, plus/minus, and still rising as the sites go up.

    At first I thought I'd do site design also, but I don't like working with people anymore. I hate the calls for "change it immediately", and "Did you change that text???". I like being able to take time for spring cleaning and know it's only on my head.

    I had some "web service" programs which weren't on the up and up. One spammed me and anyone who signed up from my site. I killed the program and apologized on my site to anyone who got spammed by them.

    Selling merchandise has been far less problematic, except for clothing and jewelry which has plagued me with reversals.

    What I love the most about affiliate marketing is not having a ceiling on my income. I can dream as high as I want to, and then go out and try my best to reach those dreams.

    And so far it seems to work.

    Here's to the life of webmistressing:
    <IMG src=>

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    My site Sell(no affiliate link does though have an affiliate program.)

    I found the link posted above, I see there's a new version out. But this is the book I started with, and I think the only book I ever bought for "marketing online"

    It's great for people to help them from baby home pages to marketing online.

    Webmistress.....Here here, I toast to that as well.

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    @ Canfree,

    Hmm...Inspiring story,

    It's much the same with most of the insane webbies here...The family at first laughs...And then


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Canfree:
    My site Sell(no affiliate link does though have an affiliate program.)

    Why not? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] Put your affiliate link in there (if you are one). Here you are a Full Member, I think that most regulars here wouldn't hesitate to buy through an affiliate link after reading that inspirational story. If you're spamming you're very dedicated to it hanging around posting almost 100 posts just to do it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img].


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