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    January 18th, 2005
    "...Then suddenly, I remember that I do have wings.
    Wings of hope and faith, of laughter and joy.
    Wings of determination, wings of imagination,
    Wings that can carry me to my heart's desire.
    Believing that I was earthbound was simply an illusion.
    Imprisonment does not exist, except in my own mind.
    Fear and uncertainty cannot hold me back,
    Not as long as my heart and soul have wings."

    Wee One Princess Peach
    Wee One Glitter Star

    Fairy Amber's Memorial for September 11, 2001

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    New York

    We will not forget the lives that were taken, nor the heinous act of injustice against our wonderful country.

    We must remember, honor, grow, and continue to be strong as a testament to our position on freedom.

    There is so much that this six month anniversary has personally meant to me, I see the need for continued understanding, faith and compassion, more now than ever.

    God bless the lost souls, their families, and give us the strength and wisdom to face the challenges of coping, understanding and overcoming.

    God Bless America!

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    I remember a lot of events in my life but I may not recall exactly where I was at or what I was doing when they occured but two days in my life I will remember every detail
    of and that's the day that JFK was killed and the day the WTCS and Washington were attacked.Both left me with a very sick feeling, the type of feeling you can't forget and time can't erase.

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