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    I know this isn't a new idea but using this in this way is. my brother has a website and he put his website on his car in 4 inch vinyl white letters on his back bumper. he lends his car out to whoever wants it. yesterday a friend borrowed the car to take his family to funeral(car is big) his site had hits like crazy. it was the last car in funeral procession. who needs google lol

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    I just got a big die cut decal made for one of my sites (not the one in my sig) & put it on my back window...I don't think it's helped at all, but it was kind of a trial run. I'm still planning on replacing that decal w/ one promoting a new local community site I'm making... I think that will do much better. When people see the name of their city on a car, they're bound to get curious. - Make a statement!

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    i've tried it and have to say it was fun...
    Can't be sure how much traffic this technique brought but it definitely made my car appear more unique....after all...who else in the world would bother putting a decal of my site on their car?

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    Screw the bumper sticker.

    Turn the side of a van or small truck into a billboard.

    Or walk around at a festival or public event in an attention-getting costume, with the domain name plastered across your back.

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    Or hire a steaker to crash the Super Bowl with your websi...errr nevermind someone already tried that !

    Seriously though I had a rear window decal made for one of my sites...I don't know how much extra traffic or money I've made...but I do know I have people I don't know walk up to me at gas stations and parking lots and start asking what the site is for!

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    You can never really know how many people visit your website because of the bumper stickers, or decals, unless they contact you and tell you.
    I do think it is worth the money you spend on the sticker!

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