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    Oh this is horrible not only because I was a volunteer here for 7 years, but I worked here and because Our site Donated to this agency. I have to disagree with the City of Santa Cruz on there actions. Please go to archive/2002/August/02/local/stories/02local.htm to read story. If anyone would be interested you may either send a donation in support of helping the animals to or if you would like the donations to directly go to Santa Cruz S.P.C.A to help the animals and don't have to worry about the City taking your money you may send a donation to

    A lot of you know me from's old message board, and you all know I am totally into animal issues. Like that Story about Otis the dog who was abused by the owners. Anyway Hope some of you will make a difference and help in anyway you can. I'm going to be updating my site when a protest of the City of Santa Cruz, and in support of the S.P.C.A

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