I noticed this topic on another site, and thought it was interesting. Since I don't know anyone on that forum, but several people here, I thought I would, well, hoist the idea and see if I could interest any ABWers.

The idea is to exchange links in our sigs, at the bottom of our emails. It involves a touch of trust on both parties, but since it is free, I am willing to give it a go.

I would like to add one persons site to the sig at the bottom of my emails in exchange for that person putting my site at the bottom of their email as well. We would do this for, say, a one or two month period.

I write 30-40 emails a day.

If someone with a similar level of activity would be interested in exchanging email links, PM me.

In this way, my site gets shown to people in a different circle, and so does yours.

ALTERNATIVELY, I am also looking for people to exchange an inbound link from one of my sites in exchange for a sig on the bottom of your emails.

PM me, or if you just have a general interest intrying this, post a comment, and perhaps we can get several people trying this.