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    I Received this mail from a "Contact Page" On one of my sites. A part of my site has Auto Related Products/content and could probably answer a part of this mail. Well, I am an Average Affiliate and Not Some Major company To sponsor her. I feel her pain and want to reply back But Am confused as What to Reply. I have Pasted the Message Below.

    name : Peggy West

    email : *******

    country : United States

    subject : riding with an Angel

    feedback : Hello,
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Peggy West, I am the mother of a 21 year old son (Terry West) that was just killed in a boating accident in the Florida Keys. I am not looking for sympathy. I am looking for your company to consider his best friend BRETT EKBLOM, as an ATV rider.
    I have committed myself (with love and devotion) to help him excel his very promising ability to the sport of OFFROAD ATV RACING. Yes, I am looking for SPONSORSHIP.
    I'm sure you get overwhelming request from riders of all areas and abilities of the sport. I won't go on and tell you my bias opinion (of course) of this young man, I would like to ask that you simply take a minute to put the name BRETT EKBLOM into a search engine and see what you come up with. He has amazing abilities and accomplishments.
    Brett is planning, next season, to go up a level to PRO LEVEL OFFROAD RACING and is in need of the financial backing (i.e. sponsorships)
    Brett is also a Pilot and a self employed Building Contractor. If you should take the minute I have asked of you to with entering his name in a search engine on the Internet and see his impressive standings in this current season. Not to mention, that is with missing a race or two because he lost his best friend whom, always accompanied him to the races. We could provide you with a resume upon request.
    Let us know what further steps or channels we would need to take to get a sponsorship with your company.

    Thank you for your time,

    Any Suggestion Appreciated.

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    I get these types of things quite frequently. You can just respond to her and politely thank her for visiting your site, explain that you are a small company and as such are unfortunately unable to do sponsorships, and wish herself and the guy she wants you to sponsor the best of luck in his career. People tend to send out a ton of these at a time when they are looking for sponorships or donations.

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    Call me a cynic but if the guy has a pilots license and he is a building contractor I would asume he has more cash than most of us.

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    The best one I've seen asking for money is.....

    Whitey Must Pay

    Okay, maybe not the most noble of intentions, but heck, you gotta give the guy a star for honesty, lololol......

    Apparently, quite a few have sent money his/her way...

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    It's another spammer scam. Block/Delete~!

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