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    Back in August I started working with a local group of musicians recording a gospel album. I was doing their website and video taping the recording. The main people involved are rock and folk musicians and wanted to kind of get back to the roots of their music. They got over 100 musicians ranging from rock to bluegrass to blues to traditional gospel and started recording. The really cool part is, they were recording in an old textile mill. Those of you not from the US South probably don’t know how important textiles were to the southern economy. Most small towns and large cities were built around a textile mill. Today most of the mills are closed and the jobs gone. This mill is in the process of being torn down. The owners let the musicians record in one part of the mill while the rest was demolished. Every day I went up there, a little less of the mill was there. In essence these guys were combining the two things that all southerners, both black and white, share: working in the mills and gospel music. Just about everybody with southern roots either worked in a mill or had a relative who did. And gospel music, no matter what your religion, permeates the South as well.

    Now to what I want to rant about! On Thanksgiving, some of the musicians went to play at a local soup kitchen. They left the mill at around 11 and when they got back at 7, the place had been robed! The thieves made off with 5 of one persons guitars, the mixing board, and every master they had recorded! So now they have nothing of what’s been recorded the past four months. Just goes to show that there are people in the world who will steel from anybody at anytime given the chance. But I think I knew that already.

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    Damn! That's just about the saddest thing I have heard in the past couple days. On Thanksgiving yet.

    Being from Tennessee, and having recorded a gospel record (2 songs, 45 rpm - not an album) when I was 9 years old - AND - having lived as a sharecropper's kid who grew cotton; this story reaches home.

    I just hope they catch the thief(ves), with the goods.

    Best of luck to you and your pals.


    You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

    Mahatma Gandhi

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