I just wanted to say hope you all have a great christmas and new year. You all have been great to work with. Anyway here's a cool poem I wrote for you all.

Fearless Battles
Feeling a possible night
Healing motivations inside,
Ideas incinerate the mind
Who is it going to be tonight?
Your goals may be here
Without style I accept them,
Anymore then anyone else can do
I reach you with fearless battles,
Promises, I promise you
Expectations, will always be there,
Pondering differences may arise
A possible chance might occur,
Would it hurt to know?
There's someone you can always trust?
Even if your feeling saddened
There's someone you can shred tears on,
Sadness or sympathy happens every day
Sometime in your life,
A look in your eyes
What can I say, Fearless Battles

Santa Cruz, CA 95060