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    Could anyone help me by giving some advice as to how to start with multilingual site promotion.
    If anyone has some experiance on this front, i would want to discuss this topic here. I am naive in this topic, so any suggestions and advice are welcome.Thanks a ton!

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    We have two websites that are multilingual. Our first attempt was more of a blend of English with only the ads themselves in foreign languages. The second one we sectionalized it by country and made each sections template navigation etc all in each countries primary language. We have used PPC ads (Google and eSpotting), but they can be tricky if you are not fluent in that language. A word-for-word mechanical translation will only show ignorance to the Europeans. Because of that, we rely heaviest on natural search returns that pick up ad copy supplied by the merchants. This eliminates most problems in working with languages that you're not particularily fluent in.

    If you have your heart set on PPC promotions, test market in the languages you know the best such as oxford English for the UK, French for France and Switzerland, German for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, etc. I would suggest doing searches in the target language using some of the terms and get an idea of the sort of ads that are appearing - what they say, etc. Since many words in non-English languages are longer, it is often harder to say more than one point in your ad.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I can try and answer them.


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    I suggest researching the target language by viewing a corporate website of that same subject. Look carefully of adjectives and how they describe particular products. Thats what I usually do..

    It has been very very effective!

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    Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. Indeed i have got some insight on this topic. My problem is that i am not fluent in any of the languages other than english. Though i want my site to get translated in spanish,french ,japanese,german and chinese, i am not aware of any of the language. I believe that to enter any local target market, we need to get registered into their local search engines and directories.
    1)I would want to know whether you have any experiance with any reliable 'Human language translators', on the net, as human translations are more accurate than machine translations.I have heard of,,click2translate, but i am not aware of how good and effective their results are
    2)Also i would want to know whether you know of any site which will do good search engine optimization service company to help me in the local language.Once this is set i will start of with PPC as you have suggested.
    Researching a corporate website,of that target language, seems to be difficult for me, since i have no idea of any other langyuage other than english.Kindly help. Thanks a lot for your inputs.

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    I know a few other languages but im definitely not fluent. I havent worked with any human translators online but i have used those websites you mentioned. When friends of that native language have seen the translation they usually laugh. But I usually go to for example:

    a. Shop 1 (polish)
    b. Any category and view the price
    c. View all items where you see the price and semicolon.
    d. There I learn what price means
    e. Study two different pages within the same site and find common words before the product.
    f. This adjective will help you learn how they are trying to sell this product. (view any of amazon products and compare to the usa
    g. Follow these steps and you are already there for the most part. Bc the adjective is the most important when selling anything imo.

    This may seem difficult but once you get the hang its easy. I have lived in europe for a while so I had to learn how to get around so it could be that I am use to translating and learning fast in terms of languages.

    I hope this helps

    ps. you could hire someone to give you pure adjective translations but you could do this by research if you have time!

    good luck (with chinese,esp)

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