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    I know this isn't related to affiliate marketing, but my roomate let me borrow his Xbox :0) Fun addictive gaming system :0). Can anyone suggest any good games? the Kind of games I like are rogue spear, rainbow six, spiderman games, sports, etc I have spiderman :0) It's fun :0). Is max Payne on Xbox?

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    Take off eh?
    Halo - without a doubt!!!
    The Tom Clancy ones ae always good, although a little involved sometimes.
    Also, Operation Dessert Storm.
    Sports games, NHL 2003, madden Fotball are always great. For a fun juvenile diversion, Outlaw Golf is a hidden pleasure.
    Lastly, I think it's called Mech Warrior. This seemed to be a lot of peoples game of the year. Maybe I am just not into it, but I found it "ok". To be honest though, when playing with a friend before we knew it, we had blown about 3 hours on it, soit can't be that bad
    Just my 2 cents

    Game on!!!!

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