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    Hi all,

    First thing..can anyone help me get my Avatar back !! Can't seem to find where I upload a URL.

    Second question...

    I'm making a new USA targeted Auto Tools web site and have a long list of keywords and was wondering what is best...Overture or Google PPC?

    I use both in the UK market and Overture is very good at bringing in the money, but unsure about the US market and Overture.

    So...opinions please,


    Malc Oakley

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    Google is my vote. You can go as low as $.05 on Google - Overture's min is $10.

    Google ppc is very very flexible.
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    Never pay a penny into Overture till you've leveraged the Google Adwords campaigns. From Overture on down to 5000 of other PPCSE's your just monitizing the BHO search bar hijackers.
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    Mike & Cheese,

    Thanks for the info,

    Malc & Oscar

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    I definitely recommend Google AdWords before Overture. The interface is much more flexible, the minimum bid is lower, there's no monthly minimum spend, and I usually see slightly better conversions (although some see better from Overture).

    Once you have AdWords mastered, Overture is about the only other PPC SC worth looking at.
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