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    Can't resist. I have the WORST mother-in-law on the planet. If you have ever seen "Everybody Loves Raymond," you get the picture. Since there are cat and dog threads, how about a MIL thread? I would enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others, especially since I share your pain... LOL!

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    Darn- some of us aren't anonymous

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    LOL Same here....My In-Laws are a little wacky but I do get along with them pretty well...My wife on the other hand tries so hard to get along with my mother but that is a tough feat (and believe me, my mother is very, very difficult)

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    I'm just happy my mother in law lives 6 hours away.

    We don't fight, or anything, but we don't talk either. Could be the age gap, she's in her 70's and I'm still in my twenty's.

    She calls twice a month to talk to her son, and doesn't even ask about the rest of us. She does her duties, by sending presents at the correct time of the year, and that's all.

    We see her about 2 x a year, and that's enough for me.

    It drives my husband crazy, as He wishes his mom was more like mine. She's grand kid crazy, and tries to be involved with whole family, not just me.

    I just consider the source, and be thankful she doesn't live any closer, as her non involvement might drive my husband more crazier then it does now.

    Speaking of which, Yesterday my husband threatened me, that if he gets mad at my son who is only 7, that when he hits 14 and he has an attitude, he would kick him out, like his mother did to him. I said........Wooooow, You may have had a dysfunctional family, but we're not going to be dysfunctional. He really took it too heart, and That in self was a 3 hour discussion. He wasn't exactly serious when he said he'd kick our son out, he was just ranting, because he was upset with our son, because he didn't realize how good he has it, with all of his toys, after-school activities, etc, and felt that our kids have it too easy, unlike he did.

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    LOL, I get along better with my ex-inlaws, than my ex does

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