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    I haven't laughed so hard in my life.

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    I noticed the site for the first time as being the biggest riser on Alexa today.

    It's all grimly reminiscent of Protect and Survive which was the UK's booklet on how to survive the nuclear holocaust with some doors and bags of soil. Even the artwork is strikingly similar.

    All your commission are belong to us.

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    If you go to the gov site in the first post "", some their stuff is even funnier, like the part about planning an escape route if your city is hit by a nuclear blast! LOL.



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    I was ready to save every page from and rip it to shreds, but it would appear that the people on that forum already beat me to it.

    I mean, an apple and a pop can: Both items were discussed in the movie "Half Baked" as tools utilized by "The MacGuyver Smoker" in emergencies...

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