OK, not sure this is the right forum for this, so please move it, though please not to private parasite forum as it should be widely available.

I received an e-mail today:

Hi my name is David DeLanoy. I work with 180Solutions Inc., and I would like to talk with you about a business proposal.
I would like to offer you a revenue package that will increase your monthly revenue. In return, 180Solutions would like to
bundle n-CASE with (my software). If you are interested, please give me a call at 425-576-4239 or email me at

In regards to distribution, typical the distributors bundle n-CASE in their existing setup programs or as a part of an upgrade,
and then give their users the option to install n-CASE during setup. Currently over 60% of users opt to install n-CASE. In
agreement, 180Solutions payes $.07 for every user who opts into installing n-CASE.

What is n-CASE? n-CASE is a Comparative Alternative Shopping Engine that 180Solutions has created to provide the user with more
direct results in their search process. It is the most widely distributed application of its kind with over 16 million users worldwide.

If you are interested in even more detailed information about us, please visit our site at: http://www.180solutions.com/?ref=dtd04

If you are interested in working with us to provide your users with valuable software, as well as help generate revenue for
your company please contact me directly so that we can discuss working together. I look forward to hearing from you.


These guys got my e-mail address probably from some shareware directory or similar. Just wondered if they are another eBates? ANyone heard of them (and no, I am not going to take them up on this offer).

Andy Williams

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