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    go to and type in: french military victories

    click the i'm feeling lucky button or do the normal search and then click the #1 result.

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    Here's another thought:

    1) Although the French might claim victory over the English at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Normans (from Normandy, France) seized took power, this ignores the fact that the Normans were actually descended from Vikings and the French gave them Normandy so that they'd leave the rest of France alone.

    2) The Maginot line was built in the 1930s as a huge, highly sophisticated defensive system stretching along the Franco-German border. This was designed to repel any German attack, however because of political sensitivites with Belgium, the line only stretched as far as Luxembourg. So, in 1940 the Germans just went round it.

    ON THE OTHER HAND... after centuries of having other people's armies stomp all over them, the French (and the Germans) were largely responsible for the creation of what is now the European Union, an important early partner in the creation of NATO, and generally quite interested in the idea that they didn't want to get stomped on again. This is a Good Thing for everyone.

    And another thought.. although the French lost in Indochina/Vietman, they're not the only ones.

    (You've got to understand that the British relationship with the French is a love/hate thing!)

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